The BANDIT 240 series is a versatile, reliable and efficient device that offers outstanding possibilities through the integrated electronics to obtain the desired result with the security fog.

This security fog device can be integrated into an alarm control panel or can be used fully autonomously (as a stand-alone device)

Equipped with a refillable aluminium fog cartridge.

Filling capacity up to 504m³ each device in only 18 seconds!

No maintenance

Only 40 Watts of energy consumption

The BANDIT 240 series security fog devices are protected by multiple international patents.

Ejection nozzles options

/R 60

Standard ejection tri-nozzle suitalbe for all rooms

/R 0

Single nozzle suitable for long narrow rooms

Vertical nozzle

Applicable in rooms with high ceiling or for direct item protection

/L-option (prolonged nozzle)

For concealed installation (behind walls or within cabinets)

HY-3 pack


Refillable aluminium fog cartridge

Fog consumable for more than 1500m³ of fog production

Hermetically sealed fog cartridge (no expiration date)

Refillable at low cost

Wall mounting

Fixed wall mount

Swivel wall mount

Floor mount

Ceiling mount


Control box

Usefull service tool that includes fluid level

Jumbo led

external LED indication


Manual and wireless control of the security fog device